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cold weather, dark outdoor colors are becoming more and more popular. This is a Air Jordan Retro V.1 and Air Jordan 1 Low has the same shoe body design of the new color exposure, this is still a hazel leather and suede collocation, Nike logo design features in special burst crack, the tongue will still have the classic flying jump pattern, the fine point is in Swoosh the AJ III cement cracks, the middle part of the sole more will find memorable early wings of Jordan LOGO, in addition to constitute double color shoes, and the bottom and the outer bottom and Jordan V.2 have the same bottom design, although simple and low-key, but the design of Zhang Yang, but feel calm and restrained precipitation. It is a low-key gorgeous. This section is expected in 2012 January officially released, priced at $90, is absolutely double Jordan fans can not miss New products. download (88.58 KB)

download (80.08 KB)

, Boris, Bidjan, Saberi2012, high autumn and winter shoes, comeback!

The German designer Boris Bidjan
name Saberi brand in recent years in the fashion circle emerge, he is good at from electronic music, urban culture and skateboarding to get inspiration, all kinds of single product with simple and neat casual shoes and there is no lack of tension, color monotonous and lack of eye absorbing design techniques to create unique sense of qianwei. In the 2012 autumn winter season, Boris Bidjan Saberi brings this new BAMBA3-F240 Hi-Top Sneaker again. The shoes from the high version of the dazzling, 100% excellent lamb build on the surface of the shoe body, and joined the design of similar glue create old texture, lace holes are also equipped with a shoelace waxing and bronze, and equipped with rugged rubber sole integral. The BAMBA3-F240 Hi-Top Sneaker, rendered in gray and made in Spain, is now available at ink, priced at $$772. Boris Bidjan Saberi2012 autumn and winter high shoes back Boris Bidjan Saberi2012 autumn and winter high shoes back Boris, Bidjan, Saberi2012, winter and autumn high shoes, Saberi2012 comeback, Boris, Bidjan, winter and autumn, high shoes,

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mentioned heroes. What did you think of? War, sacrifice, good and evil, courageous......

refers to fitness. What do you think of? Weight loss, shape, horse waistline, A4 waist...

the best-selling book "born to run" by Christopher · MacDougall put the spotlight on the World War II of Greece and Crete on a "non mainstream" heroes, by reducing their story, made a subversive exploration of the modern people's health and fitness, and explore the story in a Book: "hero" is born. The World War II, the extreme sports, the kidnapping general, the escape from the day... How is this a Book of magic?

for "hero" is a natural culture produced

a thrilling legend abducted

World War II, Greece and Crete, and artists, young shepherd, romantic poet composed a special "kidnapping magic", into the German headquarters to gain victory with unstained swords kidnap a German general, running in the dangerous mountains jump, successfully escaped soldiers......

an ancient natural training method

is strong and useful! In the most difficult circumstances of life, only the strong can prove what is useful. Natural training should be carried out in open open air, whenever and wherever, "in the rain, in the dark and in the snow on the face."

a new exploration of the subversive health and fitness of

carbohydrate is the heroin of athletes. All gyms are producing peacocks. Muscles are not the base of strength. Fat can make you energy infinite. Marathon frequent replenishment is a "good faith" lie.

in the afternoon of December 9th, we will invite the translator of "born hero", the founder of sports brand "strict attitude". Mai Minfeng, a famous endurance runner, shares this wonderful story, as well as his different perception of sports and health.

"born to be a hero" new book sharing

December 9, 2017 14:30-16:00

Guangzhou book purchase center (No. 123, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou)

guests introduce

Mai Minfeng (wheat)

activity theme

unlocks the hero's gene and reunderstands itself.

entry channel

scan the above two-dimensional code, you can sign up!

PS: the 3 question scene before the audience, each person will be provided by the "natural culture for the hero" is 1.

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