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08/11/22 Jordan Melo White/Metallic Silver-Court Blue-University M5 download (64.43 KB)2008-11-10-Air Jordan Melo M5- download (66.22 KB)2008-11-10-Air Jordan Melo M5- download (78.29 KB)2008-11-10-Air Jordan Melo M5- download (133.26 KB)2008-11-10-Air Jordan Melo M5- download (67.95 KB)2008-11-10-Air Jordan Melo M5-

Air Jordan 13 new black and red color before the exposure of the HD picture more, we can see that the black leather uppers with suede, enhance the overall texture. It was also noted that this shoe number 414571-003, will go on sale in December this year.
In July 17th, Liu Lijia prepared for war in the Zurich mountains. Liu Lijia (Lucia) photo.
this morning, Chengdu iron ring, three ring running immersed in shock and sadness and blessing, late last night, the news came from Switzerland, Chengdu iron three laps of the goddess, the domestic first-class women's iron three amateur players Liu Lijia (Lucia) in preparing for the game, unfortunate accident, after the rescue is stable. But is still in a coma.

search results that not participating husband knows the micro car accident

local time on July 19th, Zurich IRONMAN (iron) the day of the game, Liu Lijia is the only team of the Sichuan iron three players, in order to distance to his teammates, Liu Lijia and the Chengdu Family Club specially in July 19th for all-weather training, with her entry.

on the 19 day at 11 in the evening, everyone in the online update, waiting to see Liu Lijia fighting game, but found that her results page has not changed, the empty. "Maybe it's a problem on the Internet, maybe it's not so timely." As everyone was so thinking, Liu Lijia suddenly spoke in the group, but the content shocked everyone: "Hello everyone, this message comes from Lucia's husband Holger." Lucia had a serious accident when he was preparing for the triathlon in Zurich. Her brain was severely injured and fractured in the neck, the spine and the mandible. She is still unconscious, hoping that she can recover and heal as soon as possible, which will be the most handsome and most important battle in her life. Please join me in praying for her. Holger from

the news instantly shocked the 138 people in the group. Everyone began to worry, prayed, and kept in touch with Holger to wait for the latest news.

was bumped into
by car three days early to get familiar with the racetrack
, three days ago, Liu Lijia and her husband drove to Switzerland. In order to get familiar with the track ahead of time, and to run in the new car, she chose to ride on the mountain road ahead of schedule in Zurich. In July 17th, her micro-blog updated: "driving to Zurich today, preparing for the weekend's Ironman iron race. The H leader is on a regular basis, planning the journey, studying the track and arranging the tactics. Go out and ride on the bicycle track. Along the way, I had a coaching posture and kept crying, hoping that the new car AVENGER would be familiar with the winding road in the Swiss Alps in the next two days.

who did not think the accident comes so suddenly, according to Liu Lijia husband has just sent a WeChat, she is on the bike was hit by a car, from that car accident news, the new situation has been 12 hours, but Liu Lijia is still in a coma.

domestic circle of friends praying that the female iron man's inspirational story is better than the movie

early today, the news, the three circle of domestic iron, running circles began to pray for blessing, for Liu Lijia to refueling. Liu Lijia >

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