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Jordan Brand has to be Air Jordan Force Fusion series expansion to the IX (9) generation, and also recently released several Air Jordan Force Fusion VI (6), but then they launched the latest Air Jordan Force Fusion is IV (4). The shoe was first released in January, when three different versions of Militaries and Breds were shown, as well as the pair shown above. The shoes are composed of white, red and black mixture, these three colors are taken from the original Air Jordan IV or Air Jordan IV recently produced a copy of "Mars". Although these shoes are called Air Jordan IV door, but from the bottom and the bottom to see, obviously with Air Force 1 shadow. The shoes are due for sale in July this year.
download (99.51, KB)2009-3-9 Air Jordan Force Fusion download (96.08 KB)2009-3-9 Air Jordan Force Fusion

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1985, Nike, Michael, Jordan, and Peter Moore teamed up with Air Jordan to revolutionize the shoe industry. They used to make the black and white colors obsolete, and the way the shoes echoed with the colors of the team became a new trend. But probably a lot of people do not know, in 1988, Michael Jordan also considered leaving Nike, because that year's Air Jordan 2 results can only be considered as inadequate. However, when Tinker Hatfield, who had a background in architectural design, joined the team and brought - - Air Jordan 3, Michael Jordan was finally persuaded and stayed. Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield two finally combines, composed of shoes in the history of the greatest gold partner, a spokesman for the rally, a painstaking design. A pair of two people to Jordan Brand's thunder continues today, the media, as I am, for Jordan Brand never seem to lack the topic report.

and today, Jordan Brand as an independent brand, itself has developed into a basketball shoes market can dominate the billions of super predators. The company has a huge number of complex product lines that allow them to sit on a powerful super star spokesperson team. For every Saturday of the new Jordan shoes sale site long queues will be not at all surprising scene, while in the queue of people, a large part of the "friends" even never seen Michael Jordan I play. Now, people on Air Jordan shoes hot pursuit, on the one hand can be interpreted as nostalgia plot, but can not ignore, from the Michael Jordan signature shoes born that day, it represents the fashion and trends. As we all know, Air Jordan shoes, a large number of shoes, which can be said to double is one of the best? To this end, we put the clock back to 1985, and from that year began to list each year's Air Jordan best. Here's a look at this super list.

1985 Air Jordan 1 " Bred"

, it's all started here. Nike's first pair of Air Jordan was launched in 1985, and the color scheme was first seen on the wooden floor of the NBA stadium. It is this double later named Air Jordan 1 shoes, creating a precedent for the shoes color later but this so-called Bred too many to count, the color is still the most memorable, was "banned" Jordan 1 let Nike always have such a story can take it.


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