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Jordan series has fascinated fans, not only in their insurmountable classic status, but also because of the old-fashioned style of mud, jumping out of the bold style of fresh style! The Air Jordan Alpha unveiled 1 new, the red x blue x white three classic color leather crafted, still see Jordan full recognition of the logo set and Nike retro shoes signs all over the shoe body shape, holes for summer considerations, agile design, so that it has nearly 30 year history of the Jordan series still with vigor, to capture the hearts of the people!

New Balance M993
in 2008 using ABZORB-DTS shock system M993 King returns, 2009 is unprecedented in the introduction of the collector's edition of M993, limited edition issued 2009 sets, intended to salute the leader.

M993 low profile, rich in content, suitable for all kinds of collocation. New Balance has a number of top technology, ABZORB, N-durance, Blown, rubber support, can be armed to the teeth. With anti fur as the main material, lightweight breathable. Smooth lines, with breathable mesh fabric, suede upper, dry and comfortable. The lining of the suede material is like second layers of skin. It fits well with your feet. 3M reflective charm blesses security when visibility is low. Internal application of the supporting material toe, toe to get better fixed support. N-durance super carbon rubber wear-resistant outsole, durable, comparable to the United States tank car track material.

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Winter running three defense manual

winter is coming. Running becomes more challenging. Low temperature and cold make people lazy. Bad weather may hinder our decision of running. Besides, you need to pay attention to the following points when running on the road: anti fog, haze, anti injury and anti friction.

anti friction

movement in the skin and skin, clothing friction can cause skin redness, causing bleeding and stabbing. These parts are soaked with sweat and feel worse. Especially in winter, the cold air will make the skin more dry. The armpit and thigh inner side along the bra line (for women), nipples (for men) are very vulnerable. Vaseline, sticker, moisture absorbing and quick drying of professional clothing is very necessary.

anti haze

's frequent presence of heavy pollution and PM2.5 really let a lot of runners talk about color change. Under the pollution index of the bursting of the dome, many runners are tangled running or not running. If it's one or two days, we can use cross training instead of running, but when haze for a week or even weeks, do you need to wear mask to outdoor training, which is a new problem.

in 2007, Time used "pollution: the terminator of jogging" as the thematic headline, and the media gave the conclusion that "runners can't coexist with air pollution". The question is, what is worse than "what"? The effect of motion seems to be better than that in a polluted environment.

, haze days, try a dynamic bike or swim, increase strength exercise, or yoga can help us indirectly exercise muscle strength and control body stability. If you love running, you may not be willing to stop for a day, but the purpose of running is to be healthy. We can't change the air, so please arrange it properly.

anti injury

is often the outbreak of long run injury in winter. One reason is that the warm environment is not enough in the low temperature environment, and the other is that after a year's training, the physical injury caused by long distance running in winter is caused by the irregular training of climate.
The best way for
is still to be in the pre competition stage. Full warm up can quickly open the body, do not spare the warm-up time, which is necessary for winter sports to prevent damage. In addition, running in winter to keep warm, stride frequency should not be too large, many small steps jogging more worthy of recommendation.

in addition, netizens recommended, winter running back, feet must be selected. The foot is the most distant part of the body from the heart. Because of the cold stimulation, the blood vessels of the foot are contracted and the blood is running. It is easy to induce a variety of injuries. Their feet with hot water can be a good help to relax, recover as soon as possible. Foot is one of the Chinese foot law is also a commonly used external treatment.

(Sina running golden clock)

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