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The end of the 20 thousand and 150 big scientific rumors

last December 30th last year, China Association of science and technology published the 2015 "ten big" science 'gossip end list in Beijing. The list in the Beijing Association for science and technology, joint rumor sites in Beijing platform, Beijing science and Technology Press Editors Association jointly issued the monthly "science" rumor list as the foundation, through expert selection, online voting and expert assessment, the selection of the "big ten" science "rumors of the end of the list". The following are the 10 final list of "scientific" gossip.

rumor: some media reports, Inner Mongolia construction of a large number of wind power station, stole Beijing winds cause haze.
the truth: wind flow around obstacles can be restored, the fundamental reason is because of fog and haze formation in static stability conditions with ground pollutant atmosphere. No scientific research has shown that there is a causal relationship between wind power and the formation of haze.

rumor: want to slim beauty, he can do at home: all kinds of nutritious fruit is abluent cut, adding accessories packing seal, date, more than three months after the formation of the enzyme can be eaten.
the truth: the so-called "homemade fruit enzyme" is actually a complex mixture of fermented fruit obtained. It is the most direct, simple and effective way to eat fruit if you want to play a positive role in the health of the fruit.

rumor: a "55 Cup" of the "high-tech products" widely circulated in the circle of friends of micro-blog and WeChat. Fill this cup with hot water or cold water to get warm water at a temperature of 55 degrees.
the truth: material is just plain Aluminum Alloy used 55 cup, sandwich is a lot of water, the heat conduction principle is the most simple physical knowledge in the use of temperature change. Direct cold water is not heating up.
the truth: in fact, this study has three important conclusions: first, compared with the sedentary people, even if only running 1 times a week, also has the very big benefit, the mortality rate decreased significantly. Second, running 60 to 80 minutes a week, divided into 2 or 3 runs, is the best way to run. Third, if you run more than 3 times a week at a faster rate, the time is 150 minutes, and there is no benefit compared to the sedentary. But only third are emphasized in the rumors. A complete look at the study, as long as it is moderate, is still very healthy. is located in the United States of Boston local tide shop last year ushered in about 10th anniversary Bodega, Vans and Vault jointly issued the "Instant Winner" shoes?. Bodega recently announced the upcoming official in Instagram and Vans cooperation, jointly launched this year new shoes.

Bodega and Vans Vault this year will be high-end regional review Vans together, the first pair of signature shoes slip of the hand: Full Cab, the shoe was born in 1989, is the legendary rider Steve Caballero build, Half Cab is also the predecessor of shoes.

last year Vans 50th anniversary "Pro Classics" series, the first year of Full Cab has been engraved, and according to the figure on the know, Bodega will be used as a white shoe body color collocation, crocodile leather texture, tongue Caballero representation of the dragon pattern label added below the red wine label Bodega joint. The other information is unknown, we will continue to follow you.

Vans 50th anniversary "Pro Classics" in the Full Cab

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